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His face is not NORMAL - Kieren Walker - In The Flesh - Luke Newberry -
Good Lord, what a monster!
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please do me a favour - watch this - In The Flesh - Kieren Walker -


5 celebrity crushes: aaron tveit

"i can clap with one hand."

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Aaron Tveit - the most fabulous person ever - are we sure he really exists? -

I’m just a person who didn’t want to do any more harm.

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Kieren Walker - Simon Monroe - In the Flesh - Kieren x Simon - kill me now -



I just realized something about this scene in In The Flesh: you know how the sickness the zombies have is called the Partially Deceased Syndrome? And it’s shorten with just the letters PDS, like here on Kieren’s garage door?

You know what PDS means in French? It means faggots. It’s actually spelled “pédé” (with the plural “pédés” - and yeah, offensive and very vulgar and shit) but we pronounce P like “pé” and D like “dé” so, really often, we just spell the word “pd” (so the plural would be “pds” - I think you’re getting where this is going).

Do you realize the big implication of this if my theory is true ? This scene means so much more than Rick being killed because he’s a PDS sufferer. I also means he was killed because he was of one the PDS (a gay person).

I think that it’s also a point the series is trying to make (that harassement on gay people is awful), so yeah, maybe it is indeed a coincidence but it adds something more - a more profound meaning - to this scene, really.

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In The Flesh - this show jesus christ -


in the flesh meme - [1/3] other relationships

if it’s his word against yours, then i choose yours

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Jem Walker - Kieren Walker - In The Flesh -
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Amy Dyer - Philip Wilson - In The Flesh - YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND MY PAIN -

02x02 // 02x05

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Amy Dyer - Kieren Walker - In The Flesh -

"I think my heart…"

"It’s beating."

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Amy Dyer - Philip Wilson - In The Flesh - PLEASE WATCH THIS SHOW -


tv meme ~ ( 3/? characters ) amy dyer (in the flesh)
"We should be free to go wherever we want. However we want."
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Amy Dyer - Emily Bevan - In The Flesh -