HIATUS (sort of?)

So you have probably noticed that I’m about to start my final exams. And I need to do a lot for that. And I’m kind of procrastinating a lot by scrolling on Tumblr when I should actually be looking at paintings and reading about geographical nonsense. So, I’ve decided to go on a semi-hiatus for the time being. Until the 23rd of May, because that’s when I finish my exams. I haven’t set up a queue because God knows how much time that takes. I will be on Twitter, though. (And on facebook too, but in order to find that you’ll have to pry it from people on tumblr who have my facebook :P) 

I’m not sure if it’ll be a full hiatus because I need to relax too of course, but if the procrastinating-thing keeps happening, then I’ll hand my account over to a friend. In any case, I’ll be on Tumblr less often.

Adieu for now.

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about vera - you can use that Mary gif for practically anything -


Jenna Coleman on set - Doctor Who series 8 - April 15th, 2014

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COOL - Doctor Who spoilers - Jenna Louise Coleman - Doctor Who -

Favorite Hornblower Screencaps (100/?)
——> Mutiny

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truer words were never spoken - Hornblower - Horatio Hornblower - Archie Kennedy - Horatio x Archie -

I have a dance thursday but HAIR? I swear, layers make my hair look so much better but doing a crown braid or something becomes entirely impossible. 

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H A I R - about vera - and now i should go and study - there's a hiatus coming guys - a serious one - not sure when i'll start but maybe next monday? -







Favorite Hornblower Screencaps (85/?)
——> The Frogs and the Lobsters

I literally just this second finished this episode. As I said to Mum after Horatio was crying over Mariette, his heart is standing right beside him.

And he just can’t see it! Although my headcanon is that he did realise it after this episode.

He did get over her rather quickly, in time to forget his awful fear of heights and climb the mast for a panoramic final scene with his boyfriend as they sail romantically into the horizon holding hands behind the mast of course

This is exactly what happened, yes. And if you want to read what happened, here’s the link to a very sweet story. ;)

Check out Following Sea on Livejournal. Tons of Horatio/Archie, and everything else too.

Yes— his heart is standing right beside him. Well said.

Reblogging again with the link, if any one is interested.






I would suggest a rewatch and a good fic. 

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Sorry for hijacking the post - I just really ship them - Hornblower - Archie Kennedy - Horatio Hornblower - Horatio x Archie -


Ara Pacis Augustae (Altar of Augustan Peace), July 4, 13 B.C.E. Marble. Museo dell’Ara Pacis, Rome

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Ara Pacis - art -

Favorite Hornblower Screencaps (85/?)
——> The Frogs and the Lobsters

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your EYES - Hornblower - Archie Kennedy - Jamie Bamber -

maybe the falling isn’t so bad after all.

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Next To Normal -

Aaron Tveit: Live in Living Color - Catch Me If You Can {x}

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Aaron Tveit - Catch Me If You Can - This song is so catchy you will explode -

Awww someone’s decided to pay me a midnight visit

possibly the only time I’ll ever have a man in my bed 

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SELFIE ERMAGERD - the little traitor is chewing on my headphones - about vera -