Darling, Dearest, Dead
My love for you shall live forever.
You, however, did not.

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Archie Kennedy - poor baby - Hornblower - Horatio Hornblower - William Bush -
Mary Crawley 5.06

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oh my god that's gorgeous - Mary Crawley - Downton Abbey - DA s5 - Downton spoilers -

Impromptu trip to the park to avoid studying. But also because it’s just a beautiful day and we haven’t been to the park yet, even though we’ve been living here for 2,5 months (!).

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just changed to a SUPER scary url for October!!

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Probably not the best reasons to watch Hornblower (1998-2003) 3/?

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hahahah - Hornblower - Matthews - Horatio Hornblower -

Hornblower: The Frogs and the Lobsters

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Hornblower - boaaaatttssssss -


Hornblower Meme: Three Episodes [2/3]

Don’t you want to get back? Stand on the deck of the Indy? Hear the wind In the rigging?

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this is my fave - Hornblower - Archie Kennedy - Horatio Hornblower - Kitty Cobham -


Aryballos (perfume flask) in the shape of a helmeted head

6th Century BC

Archaic Greek

(Source: The Metropolitan Museum)

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'kay. now give me the coffeeshop AU.

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Title Unknown, 1890 by Andrei Nikolaevich Schilder (1861-1919)  Russian landscape painter

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