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Anton Zetterholm -

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Ashes to Ashes rewatch : Alex Drake & Construct , Season 1

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Alex Drake - Ashes to Ashes -

jaygatsbies wondered,
Hi! How has been the university? Do you recommend "In The Flesh"?

Hey! University is amazing so far! Very busy, like 9-5 college days-busy, but very rewarding. I have nice teachers and the best classmates ever, and I’m now so glad that I didn’t decide to study History. 

Do I recommend In The Flesh? Do I recommend In The Flesh? Oh my god, yes! It’s one of the best things the BBC has ever created in my opinion (better than The Hour, ssshhht) (probably as good as Ashes to Ashes). So what is it about? Zombies, yeah. Gross. I hate zombies, they’re terrible. But this show is not just about creepy zombies walking around and killing people. It’s about the aftermath of a zombie rising, about zombies being on medication to make them “human” again. It deals with being different, being an outcast in a small rural English village, grief and death. The being-a-zombie is sort of a big metaphor for homosexuality (or just anything that’s not “normal”) and different-ness and mental illnesses (and dealing with them!)

The cast is incredible (beautiful Bambi-prince Luke Newberry is the best) and the characters are really great! You should definitely watch In The Flesh! 

Well that got away from me…. 

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Favourite Quotes - In The Flesh, Series 1

bbcthree & bbcamerica #saveintheflesh

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In The Flesh -



Austen goes up to the counter and orders a cinnamon spice latte. The barista is a bore. The man behind her in line orders exactly what she orders; he too is a bore. He is handsome in the conventional sense, but there is no chance they could ever be married.

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Jane Austen -

The broken heart. You think you will die, but you just keep living, day after day after terrible day. 

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Great Expectations -


Molly Gibson and Cynthia Kirkpatrick

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Wives and Daughters - Molly Gibson - Cynthia Kirkpatrick - Justine Waddell - Keeley Hawes -

I’d totally dismantled this child…taken her to pieces in my crazed determination to make her heart tick in harmony with my own.

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Christine Daae - the phantom of the opera - Sierra Boggess -

Meanwhile, the trees were just as green as before; the birds sang and the sun shone as clearly now as ever. The familiar surroundings had not darkened because of her grief, nor sickened because of her pain. She might have seen that what had bowed her head so profoundly -the thought of the world’s concern at her situation- was found on an illusion. She was not an existence, an experience, a passion, a structure of sensations, to anybody but herself.

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Tess of the D'Urbervilles - Tess Durbeyfield -